Maintaining a healthy weight

We all eat for a variety of reasons.

Rarely do we eat just to sustain ourselves. Sometimes we eat if we are sad, sometimes if we are happy or celebrating. Sometimes we eat for no reason at all!

Almost 2 in 3 Australians are overweight.

If you are concerned about gradual weight gain as you get older, or if you think you could use some practical advice on how to control your weight, Your Doctor can help. It is important to determine the cause of your weight gain & ensure that it is not due to a medical issue (whether it be physical or mental).

We are exposed to thousands of costly, unsustainable dieting fads daily, promising us the world. However, have you noticed how almost everybody who starts a diet, loses weight, then gradually puts it all back on?

Have a look in the mirror! Don’t like what you see? Do the sensible thing & consult Your Doctor today.

Photo reference: Even Spider Man struggles sometimes!

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