Warning for parents

Once again, it has come to our attention that some new parents are being advised to have their babies’ necks and spines manipulated by chiropractors.

Your Doctor wants you to know that this is an extremely dangerous and frankly unnecessary treatment!

Doctors are calling for chiropractors to stop treating children after a Melbourne infant's neck was broken during a chiropractic adjustment that went horribly wrong.

Melbourne paediatrician Chris Pappas said he cared for a four-month-old baby last year after one of her vertebrae was fractured during a chiropractic treatment for Torticollis (a wry neck, which is usually harmless in babies). He said the infant, who was rushed to Monash Medical Centre for treatment, was lucky to make a full recovery.

"It was a very fine line. Another few millimetres and there would have been a devastating spinal cord injury and the baby would have either died or had severe neurological impairment with quadriplegia. Everybody was very nervous about this little baby'', he said.

Your Doctor GP Principal Dr David Warnock stresses, “Children and babies spines don’t need adjustment. There is no indication for chiropractic manipulation in ANY child".

Visit Your Doctor, if you have any questions about spinal manipulation in children.

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